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Next Halloween

Next Halloween

Trick or Treat, Trick or treat, We’ve found you something spooky to read.

Be careful what YOU write, on Halloween night.

Ghosts and Vampires may not be as far away as you first thought.
Young Frankie Sty finds this out in “Next Halloween”
He sets out to scare his friends and family and begins to create his own
Halloween story but the characters he creates become way too close for comfort.

With Amazing illustrations that quite literally come to life inside the book
“Next Halloween” is a fabulous tale for Kids and from the creator of the popular Childrens book Franchise “What on earth” Laura Quinn, illustrated by the magical team at Bear with us productions it promises to be an exciting title.

(If there was room for this on the Cover Page Maybe if not to squashed)
“Next Halloween” is a funny, spooky, tale that is sure to leave you all with Goosebumps.
This Halloween
and “Next Halloween”