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Monkey Blue is the Main Character in the Monkey Blue Series, he is young and extremely curious, he is learning about life and meeting new friends. Blue is fun to be around and loves adventures.



Millie Pillar is the only female in the group. She may be small in size but she is big in personality. She is slightly Tom boyish but not one to be messed with. She has a strong personality, not afraid to challenge the others in the group and some would say the leader.



Eli is extremely intelligent. He has wit and a soft charm that you can't help but be drawn to. Although he may like to think he is the leader and the clever one of the group, it is an open secret that Millie wears that cap. He tries to protect the group and keep them on the right path, even though some of them are determined to do their own thing anyway.



Duke is extremely playful but is not one to be taken for a fool. He likes to have fun and is more light hearted than Eli, but is still clever enough to not cause any trouble.



Geoffrey is soft in his nature. He can be a little bit silly and forgetful but never means to cause any harm. He is so lovable and everyone falls for him instantly. Although he is not very streetwise, he needs to be protected and Eli loves to take on that role.