Interviewer: Hi Monkey Blue, firstly thank you so much for taking your time to meet with us, we just have a few questions for your website. Monkey Blue: Thank you too, I love to meet and inform people about my journey.   Interviewer: So I just want to ask you a few general questions about you, your mum and friends. Your mum seems like a nice mum but you do spend a lot of time together, do you ever fight or fall out with her?

The first book from the Monkey Blue Collection - 'Monkey Blue and Friends' is due to be released on September 1, 2017. Monkey Blue is a book full of charm and wit. The first book in the Monkey Blue series not only introduces us to his fabulous group of friends, the book is also full of morals. It teaches us the value of friendship and the importance of never judging a book by its cover.

Monkey Blue, began as Curious Cian, I would right down my sons antics. I would push a new teddy or a grabby on to him but to no avail, he was given a monkey teddy at birth and though it was starting to wear, label chewed off it, dry biscuit gathered round its ears, he was going to stay loyal to it. The monkey has blue feet. So from that came Monkey Blue, therefore, from the stories I had gathered