Meet Monkey Blue – The Interview

Interviewer: Hi Monkey Blue, firstly thank you so much for taking your time to meet with us, we just have a few questions for your website.

Monkey Blue: Thank you too, I love to meet and inform people about my journey.


Interviewer: So I just want to ask you a few general questions about you, your mum and friends. Your mum seems like a nice mum but you do spend a lot of time together, do you ever fight or fall out with her?

Monkey Blue: My mum is a pretty cool mum, she only ever tries to make decisions that she thinks are right for me, she knows a lot more than I do, she’s been around a lot longer after all so I don’t fall out with her, she’s a great mum and I try to listen to her, she only wants to keep me safe and I understand that.


Interviewer: What has been your Favourite Monkey Blue moment so far?

Monkey Blue: I should really say when I went to grandmas house right? But, I loved meeting all my friends for the first time, it was very special.


Interviewer: So on that note, who is your favourite or should I say best friend?

Monkey Blue: O, that would be really hard to answer, I couldn’t point one out as they are all important to me in their own ways and they all add to my life in such unique ways, I am blessed to have them all.


Interviewer: What do your other friends and family think of your new found fame?

Monkey Blue: (giggles) they are very supportive indeed, they like to see me doing well and they encourage me to keep me going and it works, I’m staring into my fourth book already.